This Web site is intended to serve as a resource for symbologies used for emergency mapping applications. It currently includes detailed descriptions on the Emergency Mapping Symbology (EMS), developed for the Canadian government as well as the Crime Mapping Symbology (CMS), built as part of a crime mapping application for police forces in Washington State. These symbologies are complementary to one another and potentially complementary to other symbologies that could be designed for related purposes. The licensing of both symbologies allows for free use and modification.

In December 2010 presentations were made dealing primarily with EMS, but also touching on CMS as an example of how the approach used to build EMS can be applied effectively elsewhere to buld a complementary symbology. The presentation is available here .

Emergency Mapping Symbology (EMS)


The Emergency Mapping Symbology was funded by GeoConnections, a Canadian government program that is national in scope. EMS is designed to support emergency management applications across Canada, including the national Multi-Agency Situation Awareness Systems (MASAS). EMS is part of efforts to create a Common Operational Picture both with emergency management agencies and with the public at large. It targets Web applications, but can also be used with traditional desktop applications.

An understanding of EMS can be obtained by clicking on EMS Home . The links across the top from that page are all specific to EMS.

Crime Mapping Symbology (CMS)


The Crime Mapping Symbology was funded by a grant from the Department of Justice to several police forces in Washington State. Further details are provided at CMS Home . The Crime Early Warning System, administered by the Law Enforcement Support Agency in Pierce County, Washington, is designed as a Web application with a mapping user interface.

The symbology work on this project followed that for EMS and thus benefited from the Canadian effort. Although CMS was built specifically for the police forces in Pierce County, it is applicable far more broadly since those agencies are very similar in their use of CAD and RMS to many others in the United States and Canada.

An understanding of CMS can be obtained by clicking on CMS Home . The links across the top from that page are all specific to CMS.